Yellow Antelope

The yellow antelope started to cross the road when suddenly Alfred Kay arrived with his new car. He was on his way back from work and decided to take a shortcut through the yellow antelope reservation. Alfred went out of his car surprised to see this stunning animal with its beautiful horns, strong back and such a powerful legs that can reach up to a speed close to 100 miles per hour. The yellow antelope, when notice Alfred, had started to increase his steps and run away as fast as it can.

When Alfred arrived to his apartment he immediately opened a nature book to read some material related to the yellow antelope. It turned out that this animal is considered as a very rare mammal. According to notes that has been discovered lately in the north west part of China it seems like this animal is a very ancient one. Actually there are some evidence that it appeared on earth at least 1000 years ago.

The next day on his way to work Alfred took again the road through the reservation. He stopped his car at the exact place where the yellow antelope has crossed the day before, and look around to see maybe he will meet it up again. But that didn't happen. Alfred entered his car and was just about to press the gas and hit the road when suddenly he noticed the yellow antelope expose his face from among the bushes for a few seconds before it has disappeared again.